Buying a Nottingham property

Finding the right mortgage for your needs can be stressful and confusing: at Renshaw Mortgage Solutions are here to make it easier!

We understand there are so many things to think about throughout the process, so here are the most important things you need to know.

Estimate your costs – and be realistic!

  • The minimum deposit you will need is 5%, but a bigger deposit means better options!
  • Know your financial limit and only choose a product you can afford to repay – bare in mind that rates may increase in the future!
  • You may also be subject to other fees such as Stamp Duty, surveyor and other legal fees, estate agent fees.
  • Running a house costs more than just your mortgage: also include council tax, utility bills, insurance and living costs, as well as any other monthly outgoings. Don’t leave yourself short!
  • Government Schemes may help, subject to terms and conditions.
  • Seek impartial and reliable advice from a reliable broker such as Renshaw Mortgage Solutions, who can help you source the best products to meet your requirements and budget.

Make a sound financial decision today

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